Saturday, June 30, 2012


this week, nate and i went to see coldplay in concert. i purchased tickets as part of his christmas gift this last year (2011)...yeah, he had to wait a long time.  anyway, even though i bought the tickets, and held on to them for safe keeping...(and i always write important events down in my planner, which i did) but if you can believe it, i wrote it down for the last week in july, rather than the last week in june!!! in fact, we didn't realize my potentially very pricey mistake until tuesday evening (and the concert was on thursday)! thankfully, nate saw a commercial promoting the show and called me, so i checked the tickets (because obviously the date was printed on them) and sure enough, it was this past week! 
it is so unlike me...and i really can't explain how it happened...but thankfully we didn't miss it and it  was an absolutely fantastic show! coldplay really knows how to take care of their fans! 
here are a few photos from our experience...

the wristbands given to us upon entering...we were told the were
part of the show.

this is ross. he was the sweetest, most generous usher working the
concert. he made our concert experience so much more enjoyable! :)
the little lights in the background are the wristbands 
confetti...lots and lots of glorious confetti
hundreds of colorful balls

our lit wristbands!!!
lots of color and little lights!!!


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