Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a bit about me

so here's a little bit about me...
i'm 26 and i live in the incredibly hot and humid, summer all year long, state of florida.

that being said, i am no florida girl...let me tell you! i like cold weather and four seasons. i sort of melt in the heat of the summer...but for now, this is where i live so i'm trying to make the best of it!
i love organization and clean things! if you were to call me a neat-freak, you would be correct. i definitely have some tendencies that borderline on ocd, (which i notice are getting worse with age) but i am avidly working on them because it's certainly an exhausting way to live.
i am a passionate person and i think it's safe to say i have a flare for the dramatic. i really enjoy photography and doing crafty things.
i come from a big family...

(the boys from top left: jacob, caleb, john, dad. the girls from bottom left: hannah, mom, elizabeth, me)

i have 3 brothers and 2 sisters of which i am the second oldest child and the oldest girl. we all live pretty close to one another and we get together every sunday for family dinner at my parents' house. this is a tradition we started a few years back when the majority of us moved out of my parents' home. my mom was sad because there were few occasions where we were all present. so, she declared that we would have monthly sunday dinners...but we liked them so much, we started showing up weekly...each of us bringing our boyfriend or girlfriend. now on a typical sunday, we can expect there to be about 12 or so of us and it is never boring! 

this is my boyfriend, nate.

isn't he handsome??!!  well, i certainly think so! we have been together for nearly 5 years (in july) and i am so in love with him. i think he's the tops...yeah, i think i'll keep him!


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