Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy weekend!

after a very long, exhausting and somewhat disappointing week; friday evening's events...or rather, non-events were just what i needed to start my weekend off right! nate came over (and was actually there when i got home, which was some kind of wonderful). we got take out for dinner, lounged on the sofa and watched movies on netflix. it was really relaxing and pretty perfect. then, to top it all off...i actually got a good night's sleep - and there is little that makes me more happy (or pleasant to be around) than a good night's sleep!!!

 saturday, nate and i decided to have lunch at this great little pizza joint downtown called eddie & sam's n.y. pizza. we were really hungry and it was delicious!

then we saw sailor moon and where's waldo 

(among, plenty of other costumes running around downtown) and thought "what's going on?" so we decided to go walking and see if we could find where all of the people were coming from. then we happened upon this

yes, there was a banana dancing towards me and it was strange.

look at this joker ;)

and of course: bartman, captain america and iron man were there!
(he was no rdj but it was a great costume, nonetheless)

yes, she is an octopus!
i can't make this stuff up! it was truly a new experience and i'm very glad we stumbled upon it!

the remainder of the day was pretty great too. nate and i walked around downtown for awhile and found this delicious watermelon stand.
then we said our good byes and i went off to have a girls night with these two little princesses
Leela and Sonia

(and quackie)

i promise, sonia's not that creepy in real life!

it really was the perfect end to a wonderful day!


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