Monday, June 25, 2012

"little guy"

this weekend was a wet one...we have had constant rain due to a tropical storm (and unfortunately, i have some leaks in my ceiling and windows to prove it). so, the majority of my time was spent at home, cuddled up with nate, watching movies...and it was wonderful!!!!

however, there was a great deal of excitement at my parents' house this weekend! we got a puppy!!! he is absolutely darling and i love him so. i wish that he was all mine and i could take him home to live with me (as he is a "family" dog and will remain at my parents' home). we have yet to come to an agreement on what this sweet, "little guy" (as my dad and i are currently calling him) will be called. he is a 6 month old, purebred vizsla (properly pronounced "veesh-la"), which is a hungarian naturally, some of us want to name him something awesome and hungarian! it's been 4 days and poor little guy still doesn't have a name (although, he responds to anything you call him)!

he really loves nate and he thinks he's a lap dog :)
he jumped onto the raft and surfed the pool then proceeded
to jump into the water and swim around for awhile!
(photo by: my dad)

we also celebrated my brother's birthday (for family dinner) at a burger place called bgr or burger joint...where we had a HUGE burger that everyone shared...except me, since i don't like beef...or burgers, really. so i had grilled cheese and a milkshake and it was delish! :) 
caleb and the gigantic burger
my brother, john's beautiful girlfriend, katrice
and my beautiful sister, elizabeth
all in all, it was a good weekend...well, except for the leakage in my apartment...but hopefully that will be taken care of soon!


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