Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy fourth!

happy, happy fourth of july! 
today has been a pretty fun day...nate and i had big plans (well, not really big plans...but plans, nonetheless)...sadly, they didn't really work out due to rain (as i have previously stated, i love rain but today, i was hoping for some sunshine)...oh well, we still had an enjoyable and laid back day! 
we had lunch and milkshakes at steak & shake and waited out the rain...then in the evening, we went over to my parents' house (swim suits in tow) for a cookout, fireworks and a little night swimming! 
i had a blast with the sparklers but i was getting eaten alive by mosquitos (which always happens to to sweet blood, haha). so i decided to go get in the pool, which is screened in and wonderful...where i was soon joined by little henrik (i forgot to mention, we finally agreed on a name for the puppy this past sunday and henrik, it is). he really enjoys the pool; swimming, jumping in and fetching tennis balls. it's really rather comical to watch.
and he is seriously fearless! he was completely unfazed by the fireworks. he actually spent the entire time outside with us, hunting, intently for lizards (i think that's his favorite thing to do). not even looking up at the sound of the loud booms that made even us jump! i've never met another dog quite like him...he's just so cute! :)
here are some photos from my day:


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