Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 years...

today, marks 5 years that (my handsome) nate and i have been together!!! yay! 
 it has been quite an exciting adventure...full of learning, growing, changing, vulnerability, trusting but most importantly...loving...and i do so love this man. he is my best friend.
i am thankful, everyday for the blessing he is in my life and the person i'm inspired to be when i'm with him...all the while, he loves me just the way i am and believes in me! i am one lucky girl, if i do say so myself...(and i do)!
so...thank you my darling, for 5 incredible years and for being so perfectly you
here's to many, many more! 
i love you with all my heart and i'll never stop!

{the above photos were taken over the last 5 years 
and to be honest, i can't remember who to give proper 
credit to for the majority of them. i'm sorry but i am thankful! 
*also, i'd like to note that the top photo was our first
 (ever) photo together (before we started dating). 
you can tell how excited i was to be sitting next to him :)* }


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